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A company integrating development, production and sales

The main products of the company are: AC power socket, relay socket, ship switch, button switch, etc

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LANZ products are widely used in household appliances, computer networks, mobile communications, office automation, instrumentation and other fields. Therefore, the products have obtained relevant domestic and foreign certifications such as TUV, KC, CCC, CE ROHS, ISO90001, etc. The company has a modern production line and a high-tech quality control system. Scientific management, professional engineers, technicians and well-trained skilled workers make our products exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. The product quality is deeply trusted and praised by domestic and foreign merchants.

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Lanz history

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An 11 year old manufacturer

We have a good reputation in the industry. In addition, we have a production base of more than 4000 square meters and more than 100 excellent workers.


5S site management

Since its inception, we have been implementing the 5S standardized management mode in the workshop, reducing the waste of manpower, materials, equipment, places and working hours, optimizing operation methods, reducing costs and improving product quality and production efficiency.


Numerous certification certificates

The certificate is not only a demonstration of strength, but also the basis of cooperation. In order to meet the needs of customers in different countries, we do not hesitate to spend a lot of time and money to upgrade our products to meet various certification standards.


A wide variety of products

Our products include: electronic switch, power socket, AC socket, AC power socket, AC socket with insurance, C8 power socket, AC socket plug, harness, etc., which basically covers all electrical application scenarios. If you still can’t find what you need, we can also provide you with customized services.

Trade Shows

Russia Electronics show

April 2019

Munich Electronics show

November 2018

Dubai Electronic Show

March 2018

Shanghai World Expo

May 2017
April 2016
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