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We are an enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of electronic switches, sockets and harnesses. The company’s leading products are: AC power socket (appliance socket), relay socket, ship switch, button switch and other products. The products are widely used in household appliances, computer network, mobile communication, office automation, instruments and other fields. All products have obtained relevant domestic and foreign certification TUV KC CCC CE RoHS ISO90001, etc.

About Lanz Electronics

About us

Yueqing LANZ Electronics Co.,Ltd is specializing in Developingmanufacturing and Selling Electronics SwitchesSockets and Cable Assemblies. The products is according to EU RoHs TUV CCC CE compliant. Such as AC Power Sockets,Relay SocketRocket Switches,Pushbutton Switches,Detector Switch,Kettle Socket,Cable Assembly,Plastic Parts and Stamping.

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As like as two peas, we will introduce various discount products regularly. Please don’t worry, they are of the same quality as those sold on official sale.


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LANZ electronic products perfectly solve the power adaptation problem of my products, and they can accept customization according to my requirements, which is great. In addition, they are very cheap and durable. I hope to cooperate with them for a long time.
Jim Taylor
I am an Internet supplier. I often buy goods from them and then sell them to customers in our country. I like their products very much because it makes me make a lot of money.
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